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Title License File size
Auto Type 2.1
Auto Type/Complete words that are typed in windows applications
Author: Vsisoftware.com
Shareware 2 MB
Active Keys 2.31
Make a controller capable of doing any action with single press of your keyboard
Author: Softarium.com
Shareware 2 MB


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ezKEYS 1.0
Spacebar functions as spacebar and shiftkey w/new shiftkey functions.
Author: Hi-Tech Arts
Shareware 904 kB
Key Mouse Genie 4.1
lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. Mouse Wrap Functions
Author: Vsisoftware.com
Shareware 2 MB
Mouse Keyboard Wizard 2.1
Lets you type using your mouse. The keyboard can be customized
Author: Vsisoftware.com
Shareware 4 MB
/> <Char_Desc_250 /> <Char_Desc_450 /> <Char_Desc_2000 /> </German> <English> <Keywords>Caps-lock</Keywords> <Char_Desc_45>Turns of the CAPSLOCK key on your keyboard</Char_Desc_45> <Char_Desc_80>Turns off the CAPSLOCK key which makes you write EVERYTHING IN CAPS
Author: ITSTH
Freeware 1 kB
Barcode Wizard 4.1
Generate Barcodes - By: Vsisoftware.com
Author: Vsisoftware.com
Shareware 2 MB
Phrase Express Autotext 3.01.06
Adds frequently used text phrases into any application with a single mouse click
Author: Bartels Media
Freeware 2 MB
R-WIN 2000 Keyboard Switch 6.0
Keyboard extension utility for users working with two or more input languages.
Author: Proxima Software
Shareware 365 kB
sMaRTcaPs 5.01
sMaRTcaPs is the solution to your Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Insert key problems.
Author: Phoebus LLC
Shareware 472 kB
Sounding Keyboard and Mouse 2.939
Lets you hear magic sound, music or speach when you press keys or click mouse
Author: SoftBoy
Shareware 4 MB
UltraKeyboard 3.65
Lets you invent new functions to your keyboard, has over 70 useful internal func
Author: Fadsoft.com
Shareware 375 kB
Hotkeycontrol 5.5
Award winning solution to create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks
Author: InchWest
Shareware 2 MB
Key Remapper 1.02
Key Remapper is an utility to remap or disable individual keys on your keyboard.
Author: Softarium.com
Shareware 519 kB
Key Transformation 5.348
Customize keyboard layout; Change key on keyboard; On screen keyboard.
Author: SoftBoy
Shareware 767 kB
Keyboard Sounder 1.33
Play 3D sound effect when a keyboard button is pressed.
Author: aldzsoft
Shareware 3 MB
Keystroke Converter 4.793
Customize keyboard layout, change keyboard shortcuts, replace keyboard key.
Author: SoftBoy
Shareware 767 kB
Keystroke Converter 4.793
Customize keyboard layout, change keyboard shortcuts, replace keyboard key.
Author: SoftBoy
Shareware 767 kB
Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 2.1
Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder
Author: Vsisoftware.com
Shareware 2 MB
MapKeyboard 1.0
Freeware to remap the keys on your keyboard
Author: InchWest
Freeware 29 kB
Multiple File Find Replace Buddy 2.1
Find and Replace Text - By: Vsisoftware.com
Author: Vsisoftware.com
Shareware 2 MB
No-Keys 5.0
Onscreen computer keyboard. Type with a mouse.
Author: Leithauser Research
Shareware 495 kB

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