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Title License File size
Autumn Blues Screensaver 1.4a
Autumn pictures as your slideshow screensaver or wallpaper
Author: Altix Soft
Shareware 6 MB
Autumn Motives Screensaver 1.1
Seasonal Screensaver for the autumn mood
Author: Altix Soft
Shareware 6 MB


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American Landscapes Sampler 2.0
A screensaver documenting the beauty and diversity of the American outdoors.
Author: John Clark Software Creations
Demo 3 MB
Landscapes Screensaver 3.0
Landscapes & Scenic Views Screensaver and Wallpaper.
Author: Net Executive
Freeware 3 MB
Lighthouses Screensaver 3.0
Lighthouses Screensavers with desktop wallpaper and utility to cycle it everyday
Author: Net Executive
Freeware 4 MB
Orchids Screensaver 1.3
The World of Orchids on your desktop!
Author: Altix Soft
Trial 3 MB
Wildlife Animals Screen Saver 3.0
Wildlife Animals Screensavers with Wallpaper. Get Wild life screen savers today.
Author: Net Executive
Freeware 4 MB
Changer FS
Screen Saver. Wallpaper changer & Wallpaper generator.
Author: FreeStone Group
Shareware 801 kB
20 Beautiful Mountains Vol. 1 1.0.0.
This Screensaver features high resolution photos of beautiful mountains.
Author: Aktiva-S
Shareware 2 MB
20 Beautiful Waterfalls Vol. 1 1.0.0.
This Screensaver features high resolution photos of beautiful waterfalls.
Author: Aktiva-S
Shareware 2 MB
Country Rain Screensaver 01
Rain falls gently over six beautiful cottage paintings as music plays.
Author: Patti Olsen
Shareware 2 MB
Abextra Aquarium Screensaver 1.0
A free aquarium screensaver from Abextra Data Systems Limited
Author: Abextra Data Systems Limited
Freeware 893 kB
Animated Butterfly Pond Screensaver 1.0
Majestic mountains, trees, green grass, amimated pond
Shareware 3 kB
Aquarium Screensaver by Dream Computers Pty Ltd 1.0
This free Aquarium Screensaver is sponsored by Dream Computers Pty Ltd
Author: Dream Computers Pty Ltd
Freeware 877 kB
Orchids Screensaver 1.0
The World of Orchids Screensaver
Author: Soft2Home, Inc
Shareware 4 MB
Aurorae Visions 2005 1.0
2005 Releases Aurorae Visions Rainbow Prints, Chakra balancing natural rainbows
Author: Aurorae Visions, LLC
Shareware 2 MB
Tree screensaver 2.1
You can look how trees to grow any new tree will be absolutly new.
Author: Saturn7
Adware 113 kB
Desktop Rain Screensaver 01
Rain falls gently on your desktop as soothing music plays. Transparent
Author: Patti Olsen
Shareware 630 kB
Ant Hill 3D 1.0
Excellent calming screensaver about ants, in the evening time of day.
Author: ARQEW studio
Shareware 2 MB
Australian Nature Photo Screensaver 2.0
This living photo screensaver presents beautiful nature scenes from Australia.
Author: Photo Screensavers
Shareware 8 MB
Bee Screensaver 6.0
Bee's will soon be swarming and crawling around a computer screen near you!
Author: RB59.COM Software
Shareware 399 kB
Only Roses Show 1.2.16
Pretty and Beautiful Roses on Your Desktop with more than 140 transition effects
Author: Only Screen Savers Group
Shareware 4 MB
Only Silent Wave 1.2.9
The real silent sea waves on nature pictures for relaxing.
Author: Only Screen Savers Group
Shareware 912 kB
ScreenXP-Screensaver 2.4
Screensaver DIY - Make your own Professional Screen Saver in Minutes!
Author: ScreenXP Networks
Freeware 5 MB
Streams and Waterfalls Screen Saver 1.0
Screen Saver with beautiful Images of Streams and Waterfalls by Chris Humphreys.
Author: Tazmaniacs Screen Savers
Shareware 3 MB
TheNatureOfGod'sCreation 1.0
The Nature Of God's Creation ... Screen Saver
Author: Scenic Photo Galleries
Freeware 2 MB
Underwater Screensaver 6.0
This fully animated screensaver displays a beautiful underwater landscape.
Author: RB59.COM Software
Shareware 520 kB
Water Garden Screen Saver 1.3
Water Garden Screen Saver
Author: Idea Spectrum
Shareware 25 MB
Waterfalls Power Screensaver 1.2
Beautiful and powerful waterfalls, 30 images.
Author: Altix Soft
Shareware 5 MB
holiday-dreams.exe 1.00
Free screensaver application with holiday photos.
Author: Denis Milkovic
Freeware 3 MB
Island Screensaver Memories 1.1
Screensaver Featuring 50 Photos of Nassau & Paradise Island Bahamas
Author: Henderson Island Productions
Shareware 4 MB
Magic Flowers Screensaver 1.0
Images of beautiful flowers: roses, tulips, viols, carnations, chrysanthemums
Author: Altix Soft
Shareware 6 MB
Majestic Waterfalls Screensaver 1.0
Majestic Waterfalls features three unique soothing waterfall scenes.
Author: Optical Sweets Software
Shareware 3 MB
Nature of God Screen Saver 1.2
Scripture and original, fine art floral photography.
Author: Layers of Color Studio
Demo 2 MB

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