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Title License File size
1Lock 1.4
Create encrypted CDs, files, or setup programs for distribution.
Author: Atma Software
Shareware 860 kB
Oxide 2002 1.1
Easy and intuitive secure protection for any type of file. Maximum encryption!
Author: Nitro Technologies
Demo 44 kB


Speed up your computer: Regular scanning and cleaning of your computer prevents lot of problems. Scan your computer with 'KCleaner' and BOOST UP your PC's preformance and safety!

pdfcrypt 2.2
allows you to encrypt a PDF (40 bits and 128 bits), set permissions and password
Author: SANFACE Software
Shareware 754 kB
1Lock 1.4
Create encrypted CDs, files, or setup programs for distribution.
Author: Atma Software
Shareware 860 kB
Computer Use Reporter 1.0.0
Covertly monitor what your employees or children are doing on the computer
Author: Leithauser Research
Shareware 496 kB
Desktop Server 4
Includes complete Linux Desktop with Userful's unique 10-to-1 desktop advantage
Author: Userful Corporation
Shareware 2807 MB
DiamondCS ProcessGuard 3.150
A powerful security app for Windows, blocks rootkits, spyware and much more
Author: DiamondCS
Shareware 2 MB
DiscoverStation 4
Affordable and worry-free management tools and software for public computing.
Author: Userful Corporation
Shareware 666 MB
EagleEyeOS Professional 2.0.3
EagleEyeOS Professional 2.0. FLT file lifecycle tracking against data leakage
Author: EagleEyeOS LLC.
Shareware 28 MB
EagleEyeOS Professional 2.5.1
Powerful and flexible security solution against data leakage.
Author: EagleEyeOS LLC.
Shareware 36 MB
Password manager and personal data store with encrypted printout.
Author: MGCSoft
Shareware 2 MB
Asterisk Password Reveal 3.0
Reveal asterisk password with one click. No need to install and uninstall.
Author: Paqtool
Shareware 976 kB
1-Box Cafe 3.0
Provides the fastest, simplest, and most portable way to provide sponsor-branded
Author: Userful
Freeware 275 kB
1-Box Onsite(1) 3.0

Author: Userful
Shareware 275 kB
File Secret 1.0
File Secret is a Unique Collection of File Base utility for Hiding, Protecting,
Author: Ideas Infotech
Shareware 5 MB
Openwall wordlists collection CD 2003/10/09
Wordlists for 20+ languages on CD (600 MB) for password recovery.
Author: Openwall Project
Data Only 613 MB
PalmPR 1.0
Automatic Number Plate Recognition software for Pocket PC
Author: Intertraff
Demo 258 kB
Aliases> 1.7.0
PhotoSpy! - surveillance tool , turn your mobile in Spy camera.
Author: Diginaut Ltd.
Shareware 39 kB
Pre-Book PC Reservation Client (Windows) 1.0
Open Source (free) time-limit management and PC reservation client for Windows
Author: Userful
Freeware 275 kB
Pre-Book Server 1.0
Built using Postgres Database. OpenSource windows client.
Author: Userful
Freeware 275 kB
Program Selector Pro 98/ME 4.3
Provides password protected access control for your Win 95/98/ME computer
Author: Leithauser Research
Shareware 510 kB
SC-KeyLog PRO 3.2
Amazing stealth keylogger with e-mail and remote installation support
Author: Soft-Central
Demo 965 kB
SeePassword 2.04
An easily applied retrieval tool for forgotten passwords.
Author: KMGI Software, Inc.
Commercial 938 kB
Free Keylogger 1.10
Powerful and easy-to-use keyboard tracking software (a.k.a. keylogger)
Author: Free-Keylogger.com
Freeware 119 kB
Spyware and Adware Removal Training 1.0
Training software to teach you what spyware is and how to get rid of it.
Author: Simplified Office Solutions, Inc.
Demo 8 MB
Stream Viewer 1.05
View and delete alternate data stream files.
Author: JSWare
Freeware 64 kB
Userful Pre-Book Windows Client 2
Eliminate time consuming sign-up sheets and painful policing of computers.
Author: Userful Corporation
Freeware 275 kB
Webcam Zone Trigger 1.8
User-friendly motion detection system, security, house automation, monitoring.
Author: Omega Unfold
Shareware 3 MB
Inspice Trace 3.2
A tracking program that emails you precise location of your stolen laptop.
Author: Inspice
Shareware 155 kB
Intertraff Parking Manager 1.0
Parking Lot Managment via Automatic Number Plates Recognition
Author: Intertraff
Demo 5 MB
LifeNumbers PalmOS 3.0
Track charge card numbers, expiration dates, PIN numbers, passwords, etc.
Author: Arkansoft
Shareware 2 MB
MMS Digital Video Recorder 1.6
Digital Video Recorder which sends alarm message via MMS
Author: Intertraff
Demo 260 kB
Motion Detection 1.04
Creates a movie from anything in motion in front of the selected webcam
Author: Noel Danjou
Shareware 186 kB
NCT Win Manager 2.1.2
You donít want spywares who use unusefully your system resources? Download it !
Author: NCT2000 - Softwares
Shareware 2 MB
Aliases> 3.0
Discreetly monitors and completely controls computers on your local network .
Author: Retina-X Studios, LLC
Shareware 3 MB

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