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Title License File size
3.5 Inch Disk Label Creator for Word 3.2
Easily Create Beautiful, Full-Color, Disk Labels in Minutes
Author: AMF
Shareware 431 kB
AMF Daily Planner and PIM 10.0
AMF Daily Planner & PIM: Easy to use Comprehensive PIM
Author: AMF
Shareware 11 MB


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Desktop Dozen 2.82
Work faster and easier with these 12 stylish business productivity tools
Author: Spud City Software Co.
Shareware 10 MB
Business Card Creator for Word 3.2
Easily Create Beautiful, Full-Color, Professional Business Cards in Minutes
Author: AMF
Shareware 835 kB
Form Filler Pilot 2.10
Fill and print forms created in Form Pilot Office
Author: Two Pilots
Demo 4 MB
Form Pilot Home 2.11
Software for filling in paper forms on your computer instead of a typewriter
Author: Two Pilots
Demo 5 MB
Form Pilot Office 2.11
Filling out electronic forms of any type: PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, etc.
Author: Two Pilots
Demo 6 MB
Form Pilot Pro 2.11
Software for filling in paper forms of any type (instead of a typewriter)
Author: Two Pilots
Demo 5 MB
Colored Toolbar Icons for Word 2.0
Liven up the Word workplace with this attractive set of colored toolbar icons
Author: AMF
Shareware 301 kB
Programmator for Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624 1.01.02
Programmator is a programming tool for the Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624 PBXs
Author: PBX Software
Shareware 2 MB
WordFax 2.0
WordFax: Simple, Fast, & Easy Faxing from Word
Author: AMF
Shareware 482 kB
Smartworks-SO-Trial 4.7
Trial edition of Smartworks-SO (10 users, 30 day ) license.
Author: Accord Software & Systems Inc.
Shareware 12 MB
ZIP Disk Jewel Case and Label Creator for Word 3.5
Easily Create Beautiful, Full-Color, ZIP Disk Jewel Cases and Labels in Minutes!
Author: AMF
Shareware 384 kB
CD and DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator for Word 4.0
Easily Create Beautiful, Full-Color, CD and DVD Jewel Cases and Labels
Shareware 2 MB
Cutter 1.42
Does the calculation and making of the patterns of pants.
Author: Dmitry Pavlov
Demo 526 kB
DRoster - Employee Scheduling 3.0.3
Quick and Easy Scheduling with DRoster - shifts,rosters,absences,holidays,duties
Author: Kappix - Scheduling Software
Freeware 7 MB
PDF Filler Pilot 1.29
Fill out PDF forms and other electronic forms with PDF Filler Pilot.
Author: Two Pilots
Demo 6 MB
PDF Maker Pilot 1.29
PDF Maker Pilot is specially designed for creating PDF files.
Author: Two Pilots
Demo 6 MB
GoalAchiever 1.0
A stupid $20 tool, which will increase chances of achieving your goals by 1100%
Author: GoalAchiever consulting
Commercial 13 MB
Handy Day 2005 Pro for Sony Ericsson 1.51
Overview of meetings, tasks, and messages. Tuning a phone to your individuality.
Author: Paragon Technologie GMBH
Shareware 5 MB
WordFax 2.0
WordFax: Simple, Fast, & Easy Faxing from Word
Author: AMF
Shareware 482 kB
WorkManager Pro 2.0
Handy manager that lets you automate launching many tasks with one click!
Author: Kamatoz Computing
Shareware 487 kB
JobFish 2004
Fishing for a job? JobFish, job hunting tool kit for help finding the right job
Author: ButterflyVista
Shareware 22 MB

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