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Title License File size
Corporate Analyser 2.0
Analyse sales, income. Compare clients, products, services, sales reps.
Author: ClickOk Ltd
Shareware 11 MB
KM Navigator 3.1
Search multiple search engines to extract sales leads and build Knowledgebase.
Author: KMsoft Technologies Ltd
Shareware 8 MB
phulmonty 1.1.3
Integrates Order entry, Inventory control, sales mgmt, call center, receivables
Author: PHULmonty
Freeware 14 MB
AddressGrabber Business 4.0
AddressGrabber is the one click solution to data entry hassles
Author: eGrabber Inc
Shareware 15 MB
AddressGrabber Standard 4.0
AddressGrabber is the one click solution to data entry hassles
Author: eGrabber Inc
Shareware 0 B
Followup Secretary 12172006
Generates dates for sales follow up emails. Sends template letters to Outlook.
Author: Annabec, Inc.
Shareware 728 kB
Followup Secretary 12172006
Generates dates for sales follow up emails. Sends template letters to Outlook.
Author: Annabec, Inc.
Shareware 728 kB
MBA Software for Avon Reps 2.04
Customer tracking, Sales Orders, Reports & Labels, Print Orders, Inventory, more
Author: Clausson Associates
Shareware 5 MB
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