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DocFlex/Javadoc 1.2

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DocFlex/Javadoc is an innovative tool which allows you to quickly create new Javadoc doclets able to generate Java API documentation (or anything else produced from the information provided by Doclet API) in various output formats. The doclets are designed visually in the form of templates (whose internal structure is somewhat similar to XSLT scripts) using a high quality graphic Template Designer which represents the templates in the WYSIWYG form reflecting the structure and the formatting of the designed documentation. Further, the templates are interpreted by the DocFlex/Doclet engine, an implementation of the doclet, which is both included in the commercial version and provided separately as a freeware edition supplied with the basic templates that besides other things can be used simply as a high quality ready-to-use RTF generator for Javadoc. The output is generated in HTML, RTF and TXT formats. The HTML may be both single-file and multi-framed documentation. The RTF is outstanding quality looking almost identical to the HTML produced by the default doclet with the correct rendering of most of the HTML tags embedded in Java comments (including inserting images and table markup) plus all pagination support such as page numbers and tables of contents. The TXT output allows you to generate whatever else you wish, for instance, XML files or a secondary Java code produced from the primary one by special tags inserted in doc comments (which is similar to XDoclet functionality). This tool has been designed to meet needs of both people looking for a quick fix of a problem suddenly arisen in their project as well as for demanding developers needed a professional tool. DocFlex/Javadoc is one of the applications of a much more general technology created by FILIGRIS WORKS and aimed to various software fields related to data retrieval and representation which made it possible to invest lots of efforts in development of such a sophisticated software.

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Version: 1.2
Size: 2484 kB
Date of release: 12.12.2004
License: Commercial
Price: $ 129
OS (MS, other): Not Applicable
Requirements: Javadoc Tool delivered with Java2 SDK 1.4.x
Options for DocFlex/Javadoc: problem virus classic - original DocFlex/Javadoc retail store buy on CD serial application error repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) DocFlex/Javadoc

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Author: FILIGRIS WORKS | Program homepage

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