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7tools Partition Manager 2005

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Universal tool for hard disk partitioning! 7tools Partition Manager 2005 affords everything you may need for managing partitions; it is suitable for both everyday and rare needs, for either an inexperienced user or advanced professional. At any time you can easily and safely change the partitioning of your hard disk, changing the parameters of the partitions. All modern and typically used file systems and operating systems are supported. With 7tools Partition Manager 2005 you can reclaim wasted disk space, organize your data, add new operating systems, and speed up the file system performance. You can even install and manage several operating systems on your computer, no matter which ones. Overcoming the barriers between different families of operating systems - obtain full access to Linux partitions (Ext2/3FS) from a Windows operating system. With 7tools Partition Manager 2005 you simply select the partition modification to be accomplished. All changes will be done automatically without data loss. Several major components are included with this outstanding product: - Partition Manager - Bootmanager - Recovery CD with DOS and Linux versions of Partition Manager - DOS drivers on Recovery CD to access NTFS and Ext2fs Partitions - Linux driver on Recovery CD to access NTFS Partitions - Built-in ISO-Burner (to create your own recovery CD).

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Version: 2005
Size: 5734 kB
Date of release: 7.29.2004
License: Demo
Price: $ 29.95
OS (MS, other): Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Linux,MS-DOS
Requirements: AT Compatible computer with 386 CPU or better; 8 MB of RAM; 1.44 MB floppy diskette drive; EGA or VGA graphic card; IDE or SCSI Hard drives with Int13H BIOS support; Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP installation
Options for 7tools Partition Manager: serial application error repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) 7tools Partition Manager problem virus classic - original 7tools Partition Manager retail store buy on CD

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Author: Paragon Technologie GmbH, Systemprogrammierung | Program homepage

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