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Base Feeder for Recipes 3.0

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Base Feeder is an easy-to-use software tool to help you create and submit your Google Base items in a fraction of the time and effort it takes if you were to do it by hand. Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of content, which will be searchable on Google. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. Based on your items' relevance, users may find them in their results for searches on Froogle, Google Maps and even on the main Google web search. That presents an enormous opportunity to introduce your items & products to customers you might otherwise spend millions of dollars in advertising to reach. If you're an online merchant or have a website, listing your items in Google Base is a free way to market to thousands of customers. Inclusion in Google Base is free. To get your items listed on Google Base, you need to create and submit a data feed. Setting up a data feed to Google Base manually is difficult, time consuming and ineffective. That's where our products & services can help you. Base Feeder is a software tool to create your Google Base data feeds easily & quickly. It eliminates tedious labor and save valuable hours when you create your data feeds. You can add your recipes interactively, check the validity of your data, generate the Google Base data-feed format and submit the feed file to your account. Ease of use: Whether you have 10 or 10000 recipes, Base Feeder for Recipes makes it easy for you to effortlessly manage the recipes. Familiar UI: Navigate, add or edit recipes with the already familiar interface of a spreadsheet. Multiple Format: The recipes that you create can be saved or exported into any of the five formats that Google Base supports. Short-cuts to save you time: Verify Data & URLs: Base Feeder also has built in data and website address verifiers to save you time and effort re-submitting to Google Base.

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Version: 3.0
Size: 1540 kB
Date of release: 12.11.2006
License: Shareware
Price: $ 39.95
OS (MS, other): Win95,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Requirements: Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows XP & Windows 2003
Options for Base Feeder for Recipes: buy on CD serial application error repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) Base Feeder for Recipes problem virus classic - original Base Feeder for Recipes retail store

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Author: SiteAll Technologies | Program homepage

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