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ButtonGadget2 2.0

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How about this for a bold claim? Virtually ANY button you see ANYWHERE, you can copy, strip the text, then add your own icon and text to it! Welcome to ButtonGadget2. Thousands of copies used daily testify the original ButtonGadget is the PRO's choice for creating the best custom buttons for websites and applications. Anyone can now build GREAT LOOKING multi-state buttons in seconds on both the Mac and PC. Now includes support for importing Icons and a new Plugin architecture for special effects like adding Gloss and different Highlight modes. Also includes full libraries of buttons to choose from or create your own! New features: � ButtonGadget2 now runs on both PC's and Macs (Intel too!) � You can now import icons for your buttons. Check out some opensource icons you can use! � Each button's text can have multiple fonts, style and size. � Great new ColorPicker plugin samples from ANYWHERE � ButtonGadget2 now stores all it's files together in a single folder, making it perfect for putting on a USB drive. � New patent-pending feature, 'SmartStretch�' enables you to perfectly clean off and resize virtually all existing buttons no matter the original source. You must see the demo to believe! � KeyMap plugin now allows you to quickly add symbols and dingbats to your buttons. � ButtonStudioPlugin� allows to to quickly build your own buttons from scratch. Add glossy effects, 3D and other border effects, and even create the highlight along with up & down states! � Brand new BittyFont� plugin creates super small text for buttons. � BittyFont� Editor plugin allows you to easily create your own specialize bitmap fonts! � Capture Preview plugin allows you to precisely crop and resize images. � Brand new state-of-the-art interface, still maintains the ease-of-use and workflow which was the hallmark of the original ButtonGadget � Create larger buttons than ever before. and more... Take 5 minutes and see for yourself!

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Version: 2.0
Size: 1 kB
Date of release: 23.6.2006
License: Commercial
Price: $ 34.95
OS (MS, other): Windows2000,WinXP,Mac OS X,Mac OS X 10.1,Mac OS X 10.2,Mac OS X 10.3,Mac OS X 10.4,Mac OS X 10.5
Options for ButtonGadget2: application error repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) ButtonGadget2 problem virus classic - original ButtonGadget2 retail store buy on CD serial

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Author: Altuit, Inc. | Program homepage

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