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FantasyBetting 60923-1523

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This Fantasy Betting is a just-for-fun way to manage fantasy betting on your site. Every user who logs in gets a set amount of 'dollars' or 'quid' or 'bangles' (you decide the currency) and then have an opportunity to place a fun wager on items of your choice. The script is completely customizable, meaning that with very little knowledge you can make it look like the rest of your site. You can set up the bets in different ways: set them to expire after a certain time set the bet amount to a predetermined cost include a 'draw' option make certain, or all items 'compulsory. ' change the ratio of a winWhen you announce the winner, all users are sent an email asking them to re-visit yoursite to claim their 'winnings. ' Thus this becomes a great way to get repeat customers. Users who did not bet on compulsory items will also be contacted, to let them know how close they came to winning if only they had bet on the non-optional wagers. When a user logs in, then are shown the amount of credits in their bank account, and they will have the option of accepting any outstanding winnings or transfers. Use this for baseball, football, or other sports for fun betting. When a team wins, log in, announce the winner, and watch the hits go up on your site. If you have insider clues which can help a user make a more insightful bid, then make use of the 'insider information' feature. There are three potential levels of player, and you set the boundaries when you install the script. You may also limit the number of bets a user can make per term-- say, 12 bets each week. At the end of the week you can login and reset everyone's bet count with a simple click. Other options include editing and deleting users, manually increasing account balances, or changing usernames, emails, and other pertinent information.

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Version: 60923-1523
Size: 0 kB
Date of release: 8.1.2007
License: Commercial
Price: $ 19.99
OS (MS, other): Unix/Linux
Requirements: Perl, Webserver
Options for FantasyBetting: repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) FantasyBetting problem virus classic - original FantasyBetting retail store buy on CD serial application error

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Author: Inc. | Program homepage

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