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ServiceBuilder - Worship Leader Software 50408-0001

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login with guest and guestThis works in conjunction with ServiceBuilderHere's a Schedule Scenario:As a worship pastor, you plan a schedule for two months in advance. You want to use as many of the musicians as possible, so you usually rotate the instrumentalists through two bands alternating each week, and the vocalists through four teams. Some of the people have given you a range of dates for which they are not available. Others have expressed a desire to play less frequently. Certain spouses wish to be involved in the same service. ServiceBuilder takes your input, and assembles a schedule for everyone automatically. You then click one button to send a web link. This link lets the team see the dates on which they've been placed, with the role they'll be filling. They click a button on this web page to import these dates into their calendar software automatically. Some people may inform you they cannot be involved on the dates you've scheduled them. You open the 'unavailable' form, and add their names to the list. You then click 'Conflicts,' and ServiceBuilder shows you the problems in your schedule which need to be fixed. The changes you make, are instantly available to your team via their personal web link. They can add this link to their favourites to see when they're scheduled anytime!Here's a Worship Planning Scenario:ServiceBuilder automatically sends confirmations out to your team at the beginning of the week. Your volunteers click a 'confirm' link in the email, and their name is checked off in your database automatically. This email also contains important information: a link to the songs you're planning (even if you haven't picked them!), the order of service, important notes and comments. . . chord charts, lyrics, drama scripts, special music, or even MP3 files!This may be difficult to set up if you have no experience with cgi scripts. I'm happy to set it up for you for free.

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Version: 50408-0001
Size: 0 kB
Date of release: 9.1.2007
License: Commercial
Price: $ 0
OS (MS, other): Unix/Linux
Requirements: Perl, Webserver
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