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Toolbar Remover

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Speed up your computer: Regular scanning and cleaning of your computer prevents lot of problems. Scan your computer with 'KCleaner' and BOOST UP your PC's preformance and safety!


Computer runs very slow? Web browser trashed by unwanted toolbars? Attacked by viruses and spyware? In most cases this happens because of toolbars and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) silently installed by untrustworthy web sites to spy on you and steal your private data. The main thing about toolbars and BHOs is that they not only obscure web web browser and make its use uncomfortable, but also spy on your activity and steal your personal information (e.g. credit cards), display undesired popup ads. Web browser loads them automatically each time you surf the web and do absolutely what they want. And unforunately there is no easy way to install them unless you use Toolbar Remover. Toolbar Remover is very simple to use program which removes nasty toolbars, unwanted buttons and menus, harmful BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) and other visible and hidden items installed maliciously by viruses and spyware for their naughty puposes. You don't even need expensive AntiSpyware and AntiVirus software to defeat them, since Toolbar Remover is fast and cheap solution against such Internet threats.

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Size: 228 kB
Date of release: 15.10.2006
License: Shareware
Price: $ 19.95
OS (MS, other): Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Requirements: none
Options for Toolbar Remover: serial application error repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) Toolbar Remover problem virus classic - original Toolbar Remover retail store buy on CD

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Author: Global Media , Inc. | Program homepage

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Speed up your computer: Regular scanning and cleaning of your computer prevents lot of problems. Scan your computer with 'KCleaner' and BOOST UP your PC's preformance and safety!


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