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TurboSplit 1.2

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TurboSplit is a powerful ultra-fast file splitter that splits large files into smaller pieces so that they can fit on multiple tape cartridges, CDs, ZIP diskettes, floppy disks, etc. TurboSplit is also useful when a large file is to be sent via email and there are file size limitations imposed by the mail server. The file can be split into multiple segments and be sent in multiple emails. Pieces can be joined back without the need for TurboSplit. TurboSplit can handle any file type with any file size. It can even handle files in Terabytes size!. Multi-gigabyte files can be split in seconds, depending on the CPU and speed of your system. VBGold TurboSplit is an essential tool for file download sites where large files can be split into smaller parts to be available for download. This gives the users a great flexibility when the download is interrupted for any reason where they can re-download only the specific failed file segment. Files split with TurboSplit can be joined back using either the TurboSplit utility or a small executable (TurboJoin.exe) which is generated automatically when you split a file. This executable enables the recipients of the TurboSplit volume (the file parts) to join the parts without the need to have a copy of TurboSplit. TurboSplit was designed to work on all Windows 32-bit platforms (95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP). This also applies to the small executable generated by TurboSplit. Therefore, neither you nor the recipients of the TurboSplit volume (file parts) need to have different versions of TurboSplit or its executable for the different versions of Windows. The shareware version of TurboSplit is fully functional. After the 30-day evaluation period, only the file splitting feature will be disabled.

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Version: 1.2
Size: 1820 kB
Date of release: 2.1.2004
License: Shareware
Price: $ 14.95
OS (MS, other): Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Home Basic x64,Windows Vista Home Premium x64,Windows Vista Business x64,Windows Vista Enterprise x64,Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Options for TurboSplit: repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) TurboSplit problem virus classic - original TurboSplit retail store buy on CD serial application error

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Author: VBGold Software | Program homepage

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