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IAP In-Business Announcement Player 2.50

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The IAP will record and play public address announcements using a Windows computer with a sound card. You can continue to use your computer for other tasks while the IAP runs in the background. The IAP is the most advanced in-business announcement system available today. By using affordable computer technology the IAP also the most cost effective way to record and play announcements. The IAP features: ~ Easy playing of recorded PA announcements. ~ Auto-playing of announcements at set times or at specified intervals. ~ All users on the computer network can play and even make announcements at their desks using IAPremote. ~ Automatic background music fade when announcement plays or microphone page is activated. ~ Optional automatic chimes with microphone paging. ~ Date and time announcement validity checking. ~ Automatic day-part volume changes for announcements and background music at set times of day.

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Version: 2.50
Size: 762 kB
Date of release: 1.3.2001
License: Shareware
Price: $ 48
OS (MS, other): Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Options for IAP In-Business Announcement Player: free (gratis) IAP In-Business Announcement Player problem virus classic - original IAP In-Business Announcement Player retail store buy on CD serial application error repair or restore remove (removal)

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Author: NCH Swift Sound Software | Program homepage

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