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IView Inventory Manager 3.0

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Audit software gives you up to date accurate and comprehensive inventory details.It is a complete solution for tracking IT assets across your enterprise. It combines a simple interface with advanced functionality for up-to-date hardware/software info. Reporting can be item based or IP based which means that one can view inventory by items like CPU, HDD or by IP Another important functionality is that generating reports can be scheduled. Scheduler based report generation and immediate report generation are other superior properties of Inventory Manager. By using automatic query Find machines which has RAM greater than 256 MB Find machines which has Windows 2000 and 256 MB RAM Find Answers to need a list of all PCs with old Antivirus definitions I need to upgrade to Windows XP. What hardware have I got? How can I track the hardware configuration changes on my development machines? Which PCs have non-standard software installed? Does our number of Microsoft Office licences match our installed base? How much memory is installed in my PCs? Has it changed? Agentless management and works on both workgroup and domain Remote Desktop Management is another functionality of the application

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Version: 3.0
Size: 48828 kB
Date of release: 9.3.2006
License: Commercial
Price: $ 350
OS (MS, other): WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Requirements: 256 MB RAM 100 MB Free Disk Space
Options for IView Inventory Manager: repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) IView Inventory Manager problem virus classic - original IView Inventory Manager retail store buy on CD serial application error

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Author: CBR Software | Program homepage

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