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LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1.2.

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Installation and upgrading are just different modes for this efficient installer. User Dialogs are shown before downloading; only the files of the features your user selects are downloaded, and during upgrading only small patches containing new and changed files are downloaded and installed. Your installation works on all versions of Windows, it handles the network and proxy settings of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera. You can create installations without doing any programming at all, but you can always fall back on Object Pascal Script and on the Script Editor, Dialog Editor and integrated Debugger. Just like in Delphi you can drop visual components, and define properties and event handlers. You have full access to the comprehensive installation-library. With the unique Action Designer you can precisely control the sequence of the installation tasks, and you can seamlessly integrate the installation of separate applications. The Object Pascal Scripting Engine is fully object oriented; it supports script based classes, inheritance and empowers your installation with functionality that only a general purpose language can provide, you are no longer limited by special scripting languages. You can define your own Dialogs using one of the many built-in templates, and edit them to your hearts content with the Dialog Editor. You can of course define Registry Settings, Environment Variables and include ActiveX controls. With the integrated foreign translation tool you can translate all your Dialogs and even the constants of your Pascal Script. You can sign your applications automatically; digital signatures are checked by the LizaJet integrated downloader. The fully operational and licensed Free Edition has everything you need to create installations, including Package Wizard Code Editor, Dialog Editor, Action Designer, Debugger, and comprehensive Installation Library. You can use this astonishing installer for many years to come.

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Version: 1.2.
Size: 6913 kB
Date of release: 7.2.2004
License: Freeware
Price: $ 0
OS (MS, other): Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003
Requirements: W95, 128 Mb
Options for LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers: problem virus classic - original LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers retail store buy on CD serial application error repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers

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Author: LizaJet | Program homepage

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