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LogiSphere 2.0.7

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LogiSphere turns your computer into a internet server. * Web Server to deliver content to the web * Web Cam server for any windows capture device * Tilt/Pan/Zoom for Logitech Orbit, Orbit MP, Sphere, Creative Live! Motion and TrackerPod, with LogiSphere you can tilt/pan the camera with any web browser. * Zoom support for more than 800 windows capture devices * TV tuner support - change channels form anyhwere * Video recording - record real time videos or detected motion * Configurable caption text with optional time and date display * FTP Upload: detected motion or current snapshot in intervals * Local Save: store detected motion or snapshots on your computer, with or without caption * PHP support * Motion detection * Execute commands as a CGI - execute any script or command line input from the internet * Server Side Includes simplifies web site creation. Write html code once and use it on many pages. * Windows Media Server to deliver WMV content (video and audio). Choose the encoder profile according to your needs, choose any audio source * Save WMV or AVI videos, real time or motion detectio recording * GeoIP: see where your visitors are located * Standard Log File, use any log analyzer available to see what is going on your server * Chat: zero configuration chat module with Java chat client * Authentication - you decide who can see what * scalable screen capture - see the computer screen from anywhere * Web Administration Interface: control your server from anywhere

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Version: 2.0.7
Size: 2785 kB
Date of release: 15.12.2006
License: Freeware
Price: $ 0
OS (MS, other): WinXP
Requirements: dotnet framework 2.0
Options for LogiSphere: repair or restore remove (removal) free (gratis) LogiSphere problem virus classic - original LogiSphere retail store buy on CD serial application error

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Author: Seiz System Engineering | Program homepage

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